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08.26.08 74 Comments

I’m re-posting this clip in honor of Sean Connery’s birthday. As Sir Connery says of women, “Shometimesh they just like to have the lahsht waird.” And so often that word is “Ouchmyface.”

About the site, as you may have noticed, things are looking different now that we’ve switched to WordPress. That should mean we’ll be able to do, like, new, cool stuff, that we haven’t even, like, thought of yet and stuff. In the meantime, expect some hiccups as I get used to the new software. It’s like having sex with a new girl. You have to rub her different ways to get a feel for what she likes, and hope she’ll be okay with your whole “crying afterwards” thing.

One major difference you’ll notice is that the old “read the rest of this entry” part is a little different. That link will send you to a page with just the bottom half of a post, rather than just expanding the post so you see top and bottom like before. However, if you click the “comments” link, you’ll get the old top-and-bottom. Coincidentally, “Old Top and Bottom” was your mother’s nickname in the Navy.  …Oh, and the old system we had for Comments of the Week doesn’t really apply here.  We’re going to have to figure out a new way to do it.  I’ll keep you posted.

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