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11.20.09 19 Comments

Thanks to the magic of the internet, we have this screen shot from a Robert Pattinson fan site and the ads Google chose to accompany it, which all deal with sex offenders.  Cute.  But, logically, would sex offenders really be looking for other sex offenders?  I don’t think they party like that.  …From what I’ve heard.  In fact, as far as target audience goes, I think cat products would’ve been a better sell.  Oh, and as for the site name, “spunk-ransom“, that apparently came from an interview in which Robert Pattinson said he hated his name, and if he could choose a new one, it’d be “Spunk Ransom.”  Uh, does that mean the same thing in British?  Because in American that means holding another man’s jizz.  Or the price you’d pay for a another man’s jizz.  Not that there’s, uh, anything wrong with that.

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