The best movie review you’ll read

05.26.10 9 years ago 36 Comments

SEx and the City 2-CraigBlankenhorn

I give up.  I’ll never write a movie review as funny as Lindy West of The Stranger and her review of Sex and the City 2.  I’ll give you only two small snippets.

– Samantha’s vagina is doing fine. She rubs yams on it, okay? She takes 48 vagina vitamins a day. It accepts unlimited male penises with the greatest of ease. Now let us never speak of it again.

– Each woman is immediately assigned an extra from Disney’s Aladdin to spoon-feed her warm cinnamon milk in their $22,000-per-night hotel suite. Things seem to be going great. But very quickly, the SATC brain trust notices that it’s not all swarthy man-slaves and flying carpets in Abu Dhabi! In fact, Abu Dhabi is crawling with Muslim women—and not one of them is dressed like a super-liberated diamond-encrusted f*cking clown!!! Oppression! OPPRESSION!!!

Look, just read it.  Trust me.

-Thanks to Drew for the tip

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