The Other Guys takes number one spot, Inception still strong

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08.09.10 27 Comments

The Other Guys became the first new release in four weeks to take the top spot from Inception, earning an estimated $35.6 million.  It looks to play strongly, while the other broad comedy, Dinner for Schmucks, dropped all the way to number five, and looks like it may not earn out.  Analysts are saying that may have something to do with The Other Guys being funny and Dinner for Schmucks feeling like it was written by fifth graders. …What’s that?  Oh, so you’re saying I don’t qualify as an “analyst” now?  Whatever.

Even in its fourth weekend, Inception‘s 32% fall from the previous weekend was the softest of all the major releases.  It’s a throwback to the days when blockbusters would hold their spots for two or three months at a time, and also to the days when movies weren’t as sucky.  Or something like that.  Look, I’m not good with good news, okay?

Meanwhile, Step Up 3D wasn’t nearly the hit that some people no one was predicting it was going to be.  It made five million less than the first Step Up, three million less than the second, and would’ve done far worse if it hadn’t made 81% of its money on more expensive 3D showings.  Attendance was bad. But what did you expect?  You can’t just replace Channing Tatum with some other mumbly wigger and expect that no one will notice.  This is just like when The Fast and the Furious tried to replace Paul Walker.  Uh uh, son, you can’t buy that kind of charisma off the rack.  If the analogy holds true, C-Tates better start getting in shape for 5tep Up to the 5treet5, when they give him a big paycheck to reunite the original cast.  I for one can’t wait.

Film Weekend Per Total
1 The Other Guys $35,600,000 $9,751 $35,600,000
2 Inception $18,600,000 (-32.3%) $5,442 $227,732,000
3 Step Up 3-D $15,500,000 $6,366 $15,500,000
4 Salt $11,100,000 (-43.0%) $3,346 $91,980,000
5 Dinner for Schmucks $10,500,000 (-55.4%) $3,495 $46,746,000
6 Despicable Me $9,400,000 (-39.4%) $2,754 $209,400,000
7 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore $6,910,000 (-43.7%) $1,865 $26,436,000
8 Charlie St. Cloud $4,700,000 (-62.0%) $1,725 $23,500,000
9 Toy Story 3 $3,048,000 (-40.5%) $1,778 $396,317,000
10 The Kids Are All Right $2,606,000 (-26.1%) $2,622 $14,011,000

[chart via CHUD, numbers via BoxOfficeMojo]

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