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10.05.07 31 Comments

According to Variety, Warner Bros paid $2 million dollars for Hangover, a spec script that Todd "I’m here for the gangbang" Phillips (Roadtrip, Old School) will produce and direct.  $2 million sounds like a lot of money for a spec script, but then what do I know, I’m just a handsome racecar driver.

Penned by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, [Hangover] revolves around three pals who lose the groom at his Vegas bachelor party, 40 hours before the wedding. They then must retrace their inebriated bad decisions to figure out what happened.

That totally happened to me once. I was freaking out about my buddy not making the wedding, but then I remembered I was just really high on Peote and had gotten into my baby sister’s ken dolls again.  Sily me, I don’t even have friends!  And a couple years later the same sister got molested by the creepy neighbor guy.  Bet you feel sorry for laughing now, huh asshole.

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