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10.26.09 22 Comments

Nothing against Tyler Perry or his movies, I’m just not one for heavy-handed preaching or folksy, homespun wisdom.  But hey, to each his own, different strokes, that’s why towns have so many different strip clubs, etc.  Anyway, Perry was the subject of a 60 Minutes profile last night in which Byron Pitts (great name, btw) repeatedly says, “Most Americans probably don’t even know your name.”  Is this true?  It wouldn’t be fair to someone so successful. Even if he creepily overenunciates everything and the clips they show do nothing to make me want to see one of his movies.

The whole segment is below. Above is the part where Perry discusses his molefestation as a child.  He doesn’t say what age he was, but says when he was young, the mother of one of his friends locked him in the house and wouldn’t let him leave until he had sex with her.  It seems like under different circumstances it’d make a pretty sexy letter to Penthouse forum, but he chooses to go a different direction.  He also hints at being molested by a man but declines to discuss it.  It’s all pretty serious, and pretty hard to write a joke about.  See, Tyler Perry?  This is why we never hang out anymore.  You’re a real buzzkill, dude.

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