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09.13.07 16 Comments

There's a rumor going round that Vinnie Jones and Leonardo DiCaprio are in negotiations to be in some sort of viking movie, stemming from a cryptic story in the Belfast Telegraph.  Meanwhile, I'm in negotiations with Anne Hathaway  to drop the restraining order.

Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Vinnie Jones may be filming their next movie in a small Irish village.  Tuamgraney in east Clare is lobbying the Irish Film Board and Hollywood executives to bring the multi-million dollar film to the village next year.

I hear Tuamgraney is very persuasive.  Then again, I'm not sure whether to believe any of this.  I read in National Geographic that some Irish have been known to drink.  

The film in question is Freedom From Within the Heart, the story of Brian Boru, the last high king of Ireland, who drove the vikings from the emerald isle.  They wanted Ryan Philippe to play a viking, but he was wary of being typecast.     

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