‘Waste Land’ Rights Acquired: Brazilian Junk On U.S. Screens

04.02.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Oh thank God, just when I’d seen enough footage of all the ridiculously attractive people in Brazil, Arthouse Films crashes through the window and levels the playing field. Apparently, perfect glutes aren’t the only kind of junk hanging around Rio de Janeiro these days, as featured in director Lucy Walker’s new documentary, Waste Land, the location is also host to the largest landfill in the world. THE WORLD!

*takes pull off inhaler, pets cat, calms down*

Arthouse Films has acquired US rights to Lucy Walker’s documentary “Waste Land” and plans to release it theatrically later this year.

Pic follows Brazilian artist Vik Muniz through the world’s largest landfill in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro — a place called Jardim Gramacho. Muniz took photographs of the people who inhabited the trash city and the art objects they created out of trash, then sold the photos at auction to help raise money for the people. [Variety]

Oh, well sh-t, that’s kind of depressing…um, quick somebody make a dong joke! Below, here’s the official trailer for Waste Land, which has already made a few rounds and received positive reviews within the festival circuit. With no official release date for U.S. screens yet, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a GIANT pile of garbage.

Oh and lest not forget: you can’t spell Chad Farthouse without spelling ‘Arthouse’.


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