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Kevin Smith’s upcoming detective comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan was originally called A Couple of Dicks. It isn’t the edgiest title, but it was a little controversial in light of the flop of Kevin Smith’s last movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which some people blamed on difficulties they had advertising it beause of the title (though I would blame it more on the movie being kind of boring and sucky).  Long story short, they had to take the dicks out.  *your mom cries*

The Movie Formerly Known as A COUPLE OF DICKS has finally settled on a (network-policy-dictated) replacement title! While we’ll always have DICKS in our hearts, the title we just now locked makes me smile on a bunch of different levels – including this 1: we can now advertise our movie properly (& ironically). And said marketing begins… on every print of SHERLOCK HOLMES, Christmas Day! [Kevin Smith’s Twitter]

The new title is… Cop Out.  Pretty clever in light of the circumstances.  Though if you didn’t know the back story it’d just sound like something that stars Tim Allen and a St. Bernard.  *covers eyes with paws*

[via CHUD, FilmStage]

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