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Opening this weekend

Well, it ain’t gonna be Citizen Kane.  But I’ve seen the trailer in the theater a few times now, and every time the crowd laughed and cheered. It might have just enough blood and guts to be worth while – maybe not Tony Jah good, but okay for a laugh, like ridiculing the blind.

Meet the Spartans
Don’t see it as a goof, don’t let someone drag you to it, just… no.  Predictably, it wasn’t screened for critics, but /Film is projecting it to make #2 at the box office and pull in close to $20 million. For all that is holy, I hope they’re wrong. These jackasses are more annoyingly unfunny and inexplicably successful than Larry the Cable guy and Ant combined. I’d love to be funny here, but this just fills me with rage. Honestly, if this movie is successful, well I just might throw a hissy fit.

Tracking 17% on RottenTomatoes, the critics love it.  "Just ugh." says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  My call? I liked it better when it was called FeardotCom. Just kidding, that sucked too. Tell you what though, Colin Hanks is part of a grand tradition of dopey mouthbreathers

How She Move
Yo, we savin’ the rec center, y’all. Believe it or not, this movie’s actually getting some good reviews. But I think they may just be trying to respect the memory of cousin Chad Butler, aka Pimp C.  

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