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10.08.07 22 Comments

Thank God the fine folks at Cinematical take the time to read Kevin Smith’s insanely detailed blog, because otherwise we might never have known that the Weinsteins have passed on Red State.  I might never have read past "Get up, shower, then head to airport with Jim Jackman for flight to Philly. I’ve lost my Bose noise-canceling headphones, so I buy a pair of Brookstone’s noise-canceling headphones at the airport before we board,". Therefore, I might never have found out that :

"The only explanation Michael gives me is ‘Harvey thought [Red State] was more of a Bob flick and then Bob didn’t get it. They’d rather just concentrate on ‘Zack and Miri‘ at the moment, which we’re all pumped about.’"

Smith sort of agrees that Red State might not be very commercial, and discusses financing it independently.  You know, in between telling us about what kind of jam he put on his toast that morning and describing the color and texture of the huge dump he just took. 

As for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the latest news is that Seth Rogen’s supposedly up for the part of Zack.  I don’t really know what to say about Kevin Smith.  He can be funny and engaging in person, but I swear to God if I have to sit through another scene where his characters argue the finer points of Star Wars I will murder his children.  And no I don’t think that’s overreacting – I kill lots of kids.   

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