When do the dark birds attack your town?

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04.15.10 12 Comments

The folks at Birdemic have put together a new trailer to coincide with their announcement of screenings in a crapload of new cities (I’ll provide the full list after the jump).  The new trailer goes the Paranormal Activity route and focuses more on the live experience than the movie itself, and though I miss the butt rock “Birdemic” song from the last one, I can’t argue with the marketing approach.  That video, by the way, comes from the same screening Chodin attended, though sadly, there seems to be no footage of him asking the theater manager technical questions or doing spit takes with cans of Tecate Light. That would’ve really tied the trailer together.

I enjoyed the hell out of the movie, myself.  You sit there in disbelief the whole time wondering how someone could be so unaware of how funny this would turn out.  Then you meet James Nguyen and realize there’s no way he planned it unless he’s secretly some kind of Andy Kaufman Kaizer Sozay.  The lead actor, Alan Bagh, should win an Oscar for unintentionally hilariously sh*tty acting, as soon as they invent that.  I’ve never seen anything like it, outside of porn.  And kudos to Severin for recognizing what they had.  This could’ve been you, After Last Season.  This could’ve been you, Wicker Man.  Can you imagine a theater full of drunk people watching Nic Cage bear punch that chick?  Goddamn that would’ve been awesome.  When someone makes a really bad movie, someone just needs to pull them aside and tell them that they have a future, but it’s as a novelty act.  It’s the same thing they do with strippers when they get old.  It’s how Chodin’s mom put him through community college.

Upcoming Screenings:

April 16th — LOS ANGELES — Cinefamily @ The Silent Movie Theater (4th ENCORE!) <–SO NEW!

April 16th & 17th — WASHINGTON, DC — E Street Theater (Landmark Midnight showings!)

April 23rd — PORTLAND, OR — The Bridgetown Comedy Festival @ The Baghdad! (Midnight showing and Q&A with James Nguyen!)

April 23rd & 24th — DENVER, CO — Esquire Theater (Landmark midnight screening, director James Nguyen in person 4/24!)

April 23rd-25th, 28th — DETROIT, MI — The Burton Theater (click link for showtimes!)

April 23rd & 24th — RICHMOND, VA — Bowtie Cinemas (Midnight screenings!)

April 30th & May 1st — SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The Roxie Theater (Official Bay Area Premiere, director James Nguyen and cast in person!)

April 30th-May 6th — PORTLAND, OR — The Clinton Street Theater (A full week-long engagement!)

May 7th & 8th — NEW HAVEN, CT — Bowties Cinemas @ The Criterion (Midnight Screenings!)

May 8th — PHILADELPHIA, PA — Ritz East Theater (Landmark midnight screeing!)

May 14th & 15th — NASHVILLE, TN — The Belcourt Theater (Midnight screenings!)

May 15th — MILWAUKEE, WI — The Oriental Theater (Landmark Midnight screening!)

May 19th — AUSTIN, TX — Alamo Drafthouse Ritz (Info coming soon!)

May 20th — TORONTO, ON — Canadian Premiere presented by Rue Morgue at The Bloor Cinema

May 21st & 22nd — MINNEAPOLIS, MN — The Uptown Theater (Landmark Midnight screenings!)

May 21st & 22nd — HOUSTON, TX — River Oaks Theater (Landmark Midnight screenings!)

May 21st & 22nd — COLUMBUS, OH — The Drexel Theater (Midnight screenings!)

May 21st & 22nd — ALBUQUERQUE, NM — The Guild Cinema (Midnight screenings!) <–NEW!

June 4th&5th — DALLAS, TX — The Inwood Theater (Landmark Midnight screenings!)

June 4th-6th — BOSTON, MA — The Brattle Theatre (Showtimes and ticketing info coming soon!)

June 11th & 12th — CLEVELAND, OH — The Cleveland Cinematheque (info coming soon!)

June 15th/18th/20th — ATLANTA, GA — The Plaza Theater (more info coming soon!)

June 16th — AUSTIN, TX — Alamo Drafthouse Ritz (Info coming soon!)

June 18th & 19th — CHICAGO, IL — The Music Box Theater (Chicago premiere! Ticket info coming soon! Director James Nguyen in person!) <–NEW!

June 25th & 26th — SEATTLE, WA — The Egyptian Theater (Landmark Midnight screenings!)

July 16th & 17th — TUCSON, AZ — The Loft Cinema (Birdemic returns to AZ for late night shows & midnights!)

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