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06.26.09 22 Comments

Opening this weekend:

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
What’s all this, then?  I haven’t heard anything about it.

My Sister’s Keeper
Oh yeah, this movie is jerking my tears so good.  Haha, seriously though, this looks like an epic sh*tpile.  It’s about a little girl with cancer and littler girl created to provide her with new organs.  And Cameron Diaz.  Gets extra points for putting the line “From the moment we decided to genetically conceive I suppose it was our fault,” in the trailer.  Classic.

The Hurt Locker
Haven’t seen this yet, myself, but I’ve heard almost universally good things about it.  It’s running 96% recommended on RottenTomatoes and sounds like an all-around ass-puckering war flick.  Plus the title makes a great all-purpose euphemism.  “Show us on the doll where daddy touched you, did he put it in your hurt locker?”  Or “Shut up, you little sh*ts or else you’re going in the hurt locker again.  Yeah, yeah, that’s what I thought.”

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