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She hates it when I glue her tits to her leg.

Hopefully this will be the last Justice League of America casting story I ever do.  Today /Film is reporting that Megan "She’s Blowin’ Up" Gale has been confirmed for Wonder Woman and Armie Hammer confirmed for Batman… by AICN and IESB… aw, crap.

Megan Gale is, of course, the lovely lady to your left – of whom I’d never heard before today, but am now a fan, since a simple Google Image Search for her name turns up numerous topless photos. Bottom line, she’s hot and slutty and I’d probably drink her bathwater, but I still wouldn’t see JLA if you paid me… in Megan Gale bathwater.  

Armie Hammer, someone else I’ve never heard of, will be playing the part of Batman. He’s supposedly 6’5", but he’s also named after Baking Soda so I’m pretty sure he’s a huge pussy. Actually, he’s named after his great grandfather, Armand Hammer. Why he’d choose to go by Armie rather than Army boggles the mind, but as far as the origin of the name: 

According to Carl Blumay, his biographer and former press agent, Hammer was named after the "Arm and Hammer" symbol of the Socialist Labor Party (SLP), in which his father, a committed socialist, had a leadership role at one time. [Wiki]

Awesome, maybe they should recast Superman as Hitler, put a swastika on his chest, and rename the movie Jew-Killing League of America Haters. Jerks. 

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