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06.30.09 26 Comments

A company called YooStar (subtle, right?) is set to release a game that allows movie fans to “act” “alongside” stars in classic movie scenes, an idea the company calls “like Guitar Hero for movies.”  Above is an artist’s conception of what the game might look like, created using a space-age technology known as “Photoshop.”

The YooStar retail package, which hits stores in mid-August, includes a greenscreen, a high-resolution webcam (which includes dual microphones and remote control), stand and software.

Once fans have inserted themselves into a scene, they can share the clip on their own computer or upload free to a YouTubelike site hosted by YooStar, where anyone can view it. The package will ship with 14 clips (11 from films, one from “Sesame Street” and two “moving backgrounds,” which allow users to improvise a scene).

Included are single scenes from pics as old as “Double Indemnity” (1944) and “Sunset Boulevard” (1950) and as recent as 2006’s “Rocky Balboa” and “Employee of the Month.” [imagine YOU, onscreen with DANE COOK!] The original “Terminator” and “Beverly Hills Cop 2” are also in the starter pack. [Variety]

They already have this technology down at my local karaoke bar.  It’s amazing, I’ll be rockin’ out to “Radar Love” up on stage, but on the big screen it looks like I’m cruisin down the highway in a convertible.  I’m pretty sure this whole thing was dreamed up by my dad’s friends who constantly forward me pictures like this.  Old people are mystified by Photoshop.

[and I swear I hadn’t heard of this when I used the phrase cinematic karaoke this morning…]

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