Alfred Ditches Being Batman’s Butler To Be A Bad-Ass In ‘Batman V Superman’

WARNING: There might be some spoilerish details about Batman V Superman ahead. Feel free to skip, possibly go read something about Kanye West

For most of the television and film history of Batman, Alfred has always been portrayed as the loyal butler who tends to Wayne Manor and most of Batman’s gadgets. He’s had some background here and there, notably in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films, but usually he is a passive character that acts as the emotional anchor for Bruce Wayne away from his life as Batman.

Not so much according to some newly released / leaked Batman V Superman tie-ins. It would seem that Jeremy Irons’ version of the DC Comics mainstay will be taking on a bit more of a hard edge with an active role in Batman’s war against crime. According to Cinema Blend, Wayne Manor is in disrepair because Alfred is not a butler. He’s a tactical bad-ass with a firm background in the SAS, experience fixing and managing most of Batman’s gadgets, and apparently has a hand in training Bruce Wayne for his time as Batman.

Even his career with the Wayne family is getting a bit of a change, turning him into a bodyguard that transfers to Bruce’s only living guardian following the murder of his parents.

No matter how you look at it, this is definitely one of the more common-sense changes to the Batman story for Dawn of Justice. It makes much more sense to have Alfred be far more active the crime fighting business, at least in the films. He’s done it plenty of times in the books, with many outlets reporting that the recent Earth One storyline featured an Alfred that enjoyed a good fight and used to be in the Royal Marines.

Having a butler who can fix your tools and maintain your vehicles is alright, but having a gritty bad-ass living on your property in a trailer is better. Alfred now seems to be your scumbag uncle, but with a British accent and the ability to tear out your throat with his bare hands.

(Via What Culture / Cinema Blend / Screen Crush)

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