‘Batman V Superman’ International TV Spot Has Some Of The Best Fight Footage Yet

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is already tracking to make $120 million to upwards of $140 million when it opens March 25, and this TV spot made for the Korean market isn’t going to hurt its chances. Why does Warner keep putting some of the best stuff in the international trailers?

This minute-long TV spot brings some impressive new footage, some of which references Bruce Wayne’s nightmare sequence with references to Darkseid’s Parademons. There’s barely any Wonder Woman or Lex Luthor in this one, but that’s all right when we get some new Batman versus Superman fight footage instead.

This video brings us new footage of Batman breathing heavily and fighting dirty in his Dark Knight Returns inspired strength-augmenting, Kryptonite-enhanced armor. Is Batman going to have to headbutt an alien?

Yes, he does. There’s also plenty of smoke bombs and fire in this fighting, and then Superman walks up to Batman in that way that telegraphs “you done f*cked up now.” Batman even backs up a couple of steps, perhaps from intimidation or just to get his bearings or maybe even because he just dropped something on the ground and he’s backing up to let Superman stand on it. Whatever the case, sh*t’s about to get real:


(Via CBM and Variety)

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