How That Big Ant-Man Scene Made It Into ‘Captain America: Civil War’

If you haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War, you’ve probably still heard people rave about the “cinematic joy” of the airport fight scene between all of the established Avengers, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man. One particularly great moment is when Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man transforms into Celery Man:

Okay, not really, but there are spoilers ahead.

Marvel head Kevin Feige and Captain America: Civil War co-writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely spoke to io9 about the part of the fight where Ant-Man — who is Team Cap — turns the thrust of the fight in Cap’s favor by transforming into Giant Man. Why reveal his giant form in that moment? Feige told io9, “It was just a great idea to turn the tide of the battle in a huge, shocking, unexpected way. We have a lot of ideas for Ant-Man 2, none of which are contingent upon revealing Giant-Man, so we thought this would be the fun, unbelievable unexpected way to do that.”

Markus and McFeely spoke to io9 about how much the Russo brothers had to fight to get the scene into the film, and Feige brought up an especially good reason for Giant Man to make an appearance: So Spider-Man could reenact a certain scene from Star Wars:

“We knew if we got Spidey we could have him do the AT-AT thing.”

Yes, in the movie Spider-Man brings down Giant-Man just like Luke Skywalker brings down AT-AT’s on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, by swinging around his legs. Spidey himself even references “that old movie,” a moment the writers didn’t want.

“The [Russo] brothers really wanted to put it in there,” said McFeely. “We get a little queasy about referencing other movies. They don’t, and they were right.”

In the battle of Tic Tac versus Underoos, we all win.

(Via io9)