Brie Larson Is Going To Take Flight As ‘Captain Marvel’

Carol Danvers is finally going to get her shot on the big screen. Marvel has announced that a Captain Marvel solo film starring Brie Larson will hit theaters on March 8, 2019. As of now, there is no word on a director or if Larson will get a chance to grace the screen as Danvers in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 or in another Marvel film beforehand, but Marvel’s track record (Tom Holland debuting as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War) certainly allows for the possibility. And with Danvers’ tie to the Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s cosmic stories, we probably shouldn’t rule out a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? The James Gunn helmed sequel just wrapped filming last month, but of course, Larson’s involvement with Marvel could have been finalized well before today’s quick announcement at the end of the studio’s Hall H extravaganza during Comic-Con. That’s just speculation, though. Either way, it’s a pretty good bet that we’re going to see Larson in more than a few Marvel films in this next phase due to the importance of Captain Marvel in the comics and, more importantly, the need for fresh stories and characters in the MCU as this juggernaut keeps chugging along.

For Larson, this marks the end of a pretty busy day as she was also a part of the panel for Skull Island, which she is also starring in. An Oscar winner for last year’s Room, Larson has mixed indie roles (she also starred in Short Term 12) with typical “geek-fare,” appearing in Scott Pilgrim and a few episodes of Community. Clearly, she’s pretty jazzed to tell Carol Danvers’ story.

It’s almost not worth mentioning anymore that the addition of yet another top-tier acting talent further erases the once existent stigma about comic book movies. The blockbuster box office results have helped, but the stories and the depth with which these characters are portrayed is also a part of it. With Danvers, Larson will likely get the chance to jump into an origin story that includes a tense father-daughter relationship, a stint with NASA, and an eventual kidnapping by an alien that inadvertently resulted in her transformation into a half-Kree warrior. Assuming, of course, that Marvel sticks to the character’s comic book backstory. Post-transformation, Danvers experiences blackouts and memory loss that are tied to her powers but she aligns with The Avengers and becomes a leader of the team. It’s a meaty role, is what I’m saying.

It’s worth mentioning that along with the lack of clarity on a director or co-stars, we also don’t know which stories from Danvers’ comic history will influence the script (we also don’t know who is writing the script) but damn would it be fantastic if Kelly Sue DeConnick (whose iconic run led to a renewed interest in the character) had a seat at the table.

Another thing that almost goes without saying is that damn, this is a glorious day for fans who have been waiting a long, long (too long) time for a female-led comic book movie. Earlier, the Wonder Woman trailer took Comic-Con’s breath away, showcasing Gal Gadot absolutely kicking ass and now we have the long-awaited Captain Marvel movie. At last. More, please.

(Via Deadline)