Ryan Reynolds Reveals Characters Who Were Almost In ‘Deadpool’ And Discusses R-Rated ‘X-Force’

Now we know Deadpool is a huge success, the best-opening R-rated movie on a budget of only $58 million, with a sequel already greenlit and a likelihood it’ll inspire other movies (like X-Force) to go R-rated, for better or worse. But it almost didn’t happen. Back when director Tim Miller was trying to get the movie made, Fox chairman Tom Rothman (who now works for Sony) told him, “Love your passion, but I just don’t care for the script. Don’t get it.”

But they were able to tweak the script in order to cut the budget enough to squeak through, to an end result that outpaced all analysts’ expectations. Now Ryan Reynolds is talking about what they had to cut from the script — fellow mercenary Taskmaster, as well as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine — to make that happen. The audio is below, but because Empire called this podcast the “Deadpool Spoiler Special with Ryan Reynolds,” it should be obvious there are spoilers in it.

“Taskmaster was in the script originally, too expensive. We had versions where we wanted Hugh Jackman in there, we wanted all kinds of cameos from different people, but it just becomes a big mess for the studio.” (transcribed by The Playlist)

Even more interesting than what they had to take out is the reason they went with a more obscure character like Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand).

Reynolds explained:

“We went through such hell developing the script and which X-Men we could keep and which we couldn’t and it just turned into a nightmare. The studio would just say, ‘too expensive, too expensive, too expensive’ to everyone. So finally we were like well, ‘what about Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ and they said, ‘Negasonic, what?'”

Negasonic Teenage Warhead, YA BURNT.

Oh, she was too busy texting and didn’t hear the insult? Fine, whatever. I didn’t want to talk to her anyway.

Reynolds also spoke a bit about X-Force still being his priority, as well as Cable being added to the franchise. “I think the natural progression is Cable, X-Force, hopefully. I’d like to see X-Force be rated R, as well, and have the flexibility to do that stuff.”

Out of context, you might have to guess what he means by “that stuff.” I’m going to tell you he’s talking about pegging. You’ll just have to listen to the audio in context if you want to call me a liar.


(Via The Playlist and Empire)