Unsurprisingly, The ‘Supergirl’/’Flash’ Crossover Will Feature A Race

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03.09.16 7 Comments
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It took a little work, but Supergirl and The Flash are crossing over. Or, at least, the Flash is making an appearance in Supergirl. And apparently it’ll be confirming a few theories we’ve had along the way.

First of all, yes, we really do have a DC television multiverse. Comics Alliance found the plot description, which confirms that Barry stumbles over Supergirl’s home universe while being a bit off-kilter

Kara gains a new ally when the lightning-fast superhero The Flash suddenly appears from an alternate universe and helps Kara battle Siobhan, aka Silver Banshee, and Livewire in exchange for her help in finding a way to return him home.

Of interest, the Flash episode immediately following this crossover features alternate realities and time travel, courtesy of the Pied Piper, so Barry might have more than one reason for winding up in the wrong reality at the right time. And if that weren’t enough nerd candy for you, check out the full poster for the crossover, a tribute to a classic issue of Superman that supposedly settles who’s faster:

supergirl and flash


We’ll see the crossover March 28, but we suspect this won’t be the last, now that we’ve got an excuse to travel between universes. Just wait until the Legends of Tomorrow get in on this act.

(via Comics Alliance)

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