If The Infinity Stones Are Absent In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2,’ Where Will They Appear?

We already know that Thanos won’t be making an appearance in the second Guardians of the Galaxy adventure, but now it seems like his ultimate prize won’t be connected to the sequel either. According to Slash Film and James Gunn’s Facebook page, there will be no Infinity stones appearing anywhere near the movie:

So with that out in the open, it leaves us with only a few real options to have the rest of the stones show up on screen before the newly minted Avengers: Infinity War. As Dan Seitz pointed out last year, the logical points would be Thor: Ragnarok and Doctor Strange. The latter is an obvious point given the absence of the soul gem in the film universe to this point and the reality warping effects we’ve seen in Stephen Strange’s film debut.

Ragnarok has also tossed around a few teases at Thanos and Thor’s investigation into the Infinity stones, so we can likely expect something to pop up there in regards to the final stone. Would also make sense consider the implications involved with the “twilight of the gods” and needed some sort of time item to undo the destruction. That might make too much sense, though.

The only film not mentioned is Infinity War itself, with the final gem being a major plot point. There’s also the possibility of the time gem showing up in Black Panther, putting Wakanda on Thanos’ radar or at least tossing it into the “it’s all connected” pile with the Avengers movies.

We’ll have to wait and see, but we won’t be seeing it in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

(Via Slash Film / Comics Alliance)