Okay, Which One Of You Nerf Herders Got A Tattoo Of Kylo Ren As Matt The Radar Technician?

Well, it happened. Someone got a tattoo of “Matt the radar technician.” Internet, you bring us the most amazing pictures.

For some context. Adam Driver, who played Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, reprised the character for an already-classic Saturday Night Live skit in which Ren goes undercover at Starkiller Base as “Matt the radar technician” for an episode of CBS’ Undercover Boss. And now that’s tattooed on somebody forever. Is it too late to still make Inception references and yell, “WE NEED TO GO DEEPER?” Not any older or more obscure a reference than this tattoo will be in five years.

Oh well, we don’t have to look at it if we don’t think it’s cool. And we probably shouldn’t judge. There are much worse things one could choose as a tattoo (and less experienced tattooists). And there’s a certain charm to that SNL skit. It’s already inspired an action figure, and now a tattoo.

With all of these Star Wars: The Force Awakens jokes finding their way into ink, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets a tattoo of the Solo family portrait. And someone’s bound to get Kylux fan art tattooed on themselves, because (1) that’s going to be me, and (2) don’t google Kylux.

(Via Bill DeNovio Tattoos and Geeks Are Sexy)