Did You Notice This Huge Spoiler In The New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer?

We probably shouldn’t have to say there are spoilers for Captain America: Civil War ahead when it says “huge spoiler” in the headline, but this is the internet, where a headline without spoilers is “clickbait” and a headline with spoilers means dozens of “I’m never reading this site again” emails. That’s why we always leave a note.

That Arrested Development reference just now was an oblique reference to the spoiler, because somebody’s straight-up losing an arm, you guys. We’ve been pouring over the final trailer for Captain America: Civil War for what it reveals and its Easter eggs, but we missed this spoiler until now.

We’d been hearing the tail end of the movie is “brutal, both physically and emotionally” and that this is the end of a Captain America trilogy, so we all could have guessed something is going to happen to Bucky. And that’s what was spoiled in the most recent trailer, as revealed by a photo on Imgur which we heard was screencapped from the “2:40” mark in the trailer. Being that the trailer isn’t 2:40 long, we checked the 2:04 mark to verify if this spoiler was really in there and not a hoax. It took quite a while to find the exact right frame, but there it (barely) is, which explains how this spoiler squeaked through editing.

Here’s our screencap of the spoiler, along with a close-up version we brightened a bit in Photoshop:

They weren’t lying about this film having some real consequences. That’s Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) lying on the ground, missing his metal arm. I guess we could say he’s “all right” now.

Seriously, though, is he going to be all right? Sebastian Stan, who plays the character, recently told Collider he was left “speechless” by his first viewing of the movie. Bye, bye, Lil Sebastian.

(Via CBM, Collider, and Jeff)

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