This ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Clip Proves Bones Just Can’t Win

When we last saw Bones and Spock, the good doctor was proving he may be a great physician, but he’ll happily make fun of his fellow crewmembers over a breakup. If that seemed unnecessarily cruel, the above clip shows Spock getting a little accidental revenge.

For context, this appears to be right after the Enterprise gets destroyed by a swarm of tiny ships bashing through its hull and forcing the crew to abandon ship onto a supposedly lifeless planet. Needless to say, it’s got plenty of life forms, most of which are armed, furious, and with a grudge against the Federation. So Bones probably isn’t going to be happy wherever he winds up.

The early word on Star Trek Beyond from fans has been excellent, and the reviews have been quite positive as well. Really, what’s most attention-getting about this movie is how like the original series it feels, in a good way. The crew is working together as a family, and all the classic friendships, and friendly animosities are coming to the fore. Of course, McCoy is probably wishing his friend stuck around, but considering some of the indignities visited upon Spock in this franchise, he can handle a few aliens.

(Via YouTube)