Get A New ‘The Force Awakens’ Adventure Thanks To This Brilliant ‘LEGO Star Wars’ Short

02.13.16 2 years ago

Now that The Force Awakens has come and conquered our hearts, it’s time to look to the next chapter in the Star Wars saga. Unfortunately, Episode VIII won’t be out any time soon, Rogue One (which takes place between episodes III and IV) is still at least a year away, and we don’t even know who the young Han Solo is yet. So, we must look to other places to get our sweet, sweet, Star Wars fix. But where? Disney has us covered in the form of a mini (haha “mini”) episode called Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises—Poe to the Rescue. Not to be confused with the other Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. That’s a whole other thing.

Utilizing the charm and humor that the Lego adaptations are known for, The Resistance Rises—Poe to the Rescue will be a sort-of prequel to Episode VII, showing the events that led up to the Battle of Jakku, which took place after the Rebel victory on Endor, was the final large battle of the Galactic Civil War and is experienced in Star Wars: Battlefront. Whew. That seems like a lot to explain, but I’m pretty sure most Star Wars fans didn’t have their eyes glaze over there.

Basically, just consider it a heartwarming and funny primer for Episode VII, with a cute little Kylo Ren.

(Via Wired)

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