It’s Hard To Be Cynical About This ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Full Of Weird And Psychotic Fun

When Suicide Squad was announced, the cynical part of me felt like it was DC and Warners trying to get the Avengers and Hot Topic crowd in one fell swoop, which is fine, it’s their property. But count me as a huge fan of Nolan’s Dark Knight series, which I believe is the pinnacle of comic book movies (after The Crow, Ghost World, and some other good ones).

We’ve been beaten down over the last few months by Jared Leto headlines full of his weird take on the Joker, reshoots to make the film “lighter” that pushed back the release date and the fact Will Smith was playing a bad guy in an ensemble comic book movie. It’s all very strange when you think about it, and maybe that’s what the people behind the movie were getting at; putting the craziness of comic books back into comic book movies. It seems like Suicide Squad is doing just that. Now I’ve gone from cynic to looking forward to the madness on-screen.

In this latest international trailer, the Suicide Squad drops by a bar where they spit one-liners, we see the Batmobile in all its glory, and a psychotic cast of criminals has fun on the U.S. government’s dime. This is going to be a huge hit or one hell of a cult movie.

(Via The Verge)