‘Wonder Woman’ Reveals Its Amazons

Wonder Woman is likely to steal the show when Batman V. Superman arrives in theaters tonight, but, of course, that’s just the opening curtain. Wonder Woman is finally coming to screens next year, and Warner Bros. has begun revealing more about her onscreen adventure.

Specifically, we get to meet the Amazons, in an Entertainment Weekly reveal:

If you’re wondering, that would be Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright and Lisa Loven Kongsli joining Gal Gadot as residents of Themiscyra. Neilsen is playing Hippolyta, Wondy’s mother, with Wright as Antiope and Kongsli as Menalippe. Themiscyra, if you’re not familiar, is a paradise the Amazon departed to centuries ago, in DC continuity, because they were sick of the war-like nature of what they refer to as “Man’s World,” and choose isolation and a life of quiet over endless war. Which doesn’t mean they’re not fully capable of handing out beatings, of course.

This is far from the only place we’ll see Wondy, of course, as she ventures out into the world and discovers Chris Pine and World War I. Also of interest, we’ve yet to see any signs of supervillains Wondy might be fighting. But, of course, they have to save something for the trailer. We’ll see Wonder Woman in action in June 2017.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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