2 Chainz, Drake, Murda Beatz, And Quavo Are The Big Men On Campus In The ‘Bigger Than You’ Video

Atlanta trap king 2 Chainz is hard at work on his follow-up to 2017’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, entitled Rap Or Go To The League, and just unleashed the first single with Murda Beatz, Quavo, and Drake. It’s called “Bigger Than You,” and it’s classic 2 Chainz; braggadocios, ostentatious, and borderline hilarious, with a Nathan R. Smith-directed video that combines all these attributes, then shrinks them down and sends them to junior high for a raucous good time with the big men on campus.

Rather than flexing his way through yet another exotic location, Chainz and Smith recruited teenage doppelgängers of the three rappers and producer, complete with stick-on beards, ridiculous amounts of jewelry, and an out-of-season fur coat as the young doubles put on an impromptu, unauthorized concert in the school library, escape detention, and generally wreak havoc through the hallways for their appreciative fans who, of course, also include the prettiest teachers in school. Videos with child versions of rappers are never disappointing, as the juxtaposition of the adult content in childlike environments is always good for a double take or two.

2 Chainz hasn’t announced the release date for Rap Or Go To The League just yet, but he did release an EP earlier this year to hold his fans over until it’s ready. Check out The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It for more 2 Chainz, and if you’re in Atlanta, get ready for the return of the Pink Trap House — this time as a horror-themed haunted house for Halloween.