The Mother Of 6ix9ine’s Child Made Fun Of The Rapper On Father’s Day

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Sara Molina, mother of Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s daughter, has been very vocal about her distaste for the rapper. So much that she recently dissed the rapper once again on Instagram for Father’s Day.

Molina posted a video with comedian CominaHarrr that makes fun of her ex. “Dam Comina Harrr I’m so sorry 4 mistaken u 4 my baby Daddy…,” Molina captioned the video. “I hope u can 4 give me.”

The video shows Molina mistake Harrr for the father of her child. Harrr is dressed with all of 6ix9ine’s signifiers — namely, his trademark face tattoos, rainbow hair and grills. Molina’s friend calls the 6ix9ine look-a-like a “bozo” and a “snitch” before she cleverly labels him “Snitch9ine.”

Molina made another jab at 6ix9ine when she posted a photo of her own dad for Father’s Day. “You showed me exactly how a man is supposed to be. Not only are you one of my best friends you are an amazing FATHER TO ME AND MY DAUGHTER,” the caption said. “Selfish n*ggas do what they want , REAL N*GGAS DO WHAT THEY HAVE TO.”

After being indicted, Molina has spoken poorly about 6ix9ine’s character. According to Complex, Molina said 6ix9ine made “no effort” to keep in touch with her or her daughter while he is behind bars. She also said their daughter never received a Christmas gift from the rapper. Last March, Molina called 6ix9ine a culture vulture. “He’s like a culture vulture,” she said. “He can adapt to anything.”

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