Cardi B Has Some Advice For Teenagers Who Spend Too Much Time Online

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Like many celebrities, Cardi B has a very devoted and eager following. Unlike most other celebrity fanbases, however, the Cardi legion loves her every bit as much for her candid honesty as they do for her Grammy Award-winning musical talents. Savvy, internet icon that she is, Cardi fully understands this and has embraced her role as the pop star who addresses topics and reveals things about herself that most others wouldn’t dare to. This fact was on full display on Thursday.

A day after pulling a lighthearted prank on her over five million Twitter followers, the 26-year-old hopped on the platform to deliver a more sober message. Cardi lamented what she felt is a toxic relationship that many teenagers have with social media and celebrity culture.

“I was a lit a** teenager! I had maaa fun in school…These new teenagers is getting lame they too focus on the http://internet.Live life! couple years from now you should have memories bout yourself not a celeb,” she wrote. In reply to the tweet, one fan countered with a somewhat grim reply. “Some of us have depression Cardi ?,” they wrote, insinuating that putting down one’s phone and simply enjoying life more may not be as easy as Cardi was suggesting.

Cardi saw this response and attempted to offer some advice to the fan and others who may be feeling similarly. “Depression is hard to shake off spend time with friends,close1 or with yourself do boards wit pictures of the things you dream make them your hobby,” she wrote. While, as some felt, the advice was too simplistically prescriptive, it showed, once again, that Cardi is unafraid to address difficult topics.

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