Cardi B Fired Back At Critics Of Her ‘Okurrr’ Trademark In An Impassioned Video Rant

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Yesterday, it was reported that Cardi B had filed paperwork to trademark her signature phrase, “okurrr,” for merchandising purposes. Since that news broke, people online have criticized the move, and now Cardi has responded to the backlash. In a video post, which Cardi has since deleted but has been re-uploaded by others, she fired back at those people by talking about all the times people have asked her to say her famous catchphrase and how connected to her it has become. She insisted that she deserves to profit from it because “white folks do it all the motherf*cking time,” and in 2019, there are “a lot of ways to get rich”:

“So you hoes is mad because I trademarked ‘Okurrr?’ […] You think I ain’t gonna profit off this sh*t? B*tch white folks do it all the motherf*cking time! So you’re gonna be mad at me because I want to get some motherf*cking money? Let me tell you something: While I’m still here, I’m gonna secure all the f*cking bags. Let me tell y’all a secret too: it’s 2019, bitches, it’s a lot of ways to get rich.”

A main criticism at Cardi’s trademark is that the word existed before Cardi began using it. For example, Urban Dictionary defines the term, “Originated from drag culture and popularized by RuPaul’s Drag Race, and then by Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Laganja Estranja, the former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant who is widely credited with initially popularizing the term, weighed in on the situation yesterday, writing in a tweet that Cardi “is one smart business woman!”

It’s been a big day in Cardi-related news: Offset talked about his infamous on-stage apology to her on Ellen, and Fran Drescher revealed that a Cardi B-featuring reboot of The Nanny probably won’t be happening anytime soon, although she’s still keen on the idea.

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