Cardi B Responds To A Petition To Have Her Give The State Of The Union Rebuttal

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When Cardi B took over the rap game in 2018, no one could have expected her to become the political voice of the people, but here we are. When Cardi engaged in a plainspoken political rant on Instagram, it resulted in a wave of attention and conservative backlash. However, in typical, defiant Cardi fashion, she refused to back down and with each response, gained even more popular support from fans who feel she speaks for the average American without the requisite journalistic equivocating. Basically, she speaks her mind with no filter.

In fact, she gained so much popular support that television host and political comedian Stephen Colbert jokingly suggested that she be allowed to give the rebuttal to Donald Trump’s State Of The Union speech. He tweeted, “I am starting a petition for the Democrats to let @iamcardib give the rebuttal to the SOTU. Sign it by retweeting this!,” prompting an outpouring of responses from supportive to outraged, but the best response came from Cardi herself.

Once she got wind of the the “petition,” she replied on Twitter (of course), writing, “Why not …I get straight to the point. Government shutdown over.” That’s exactly the straightforward attitude that her supporters valued in her initial videos, so it might not be such a bad idea for her to give her own response. But in the interest of keeping it all the way honest, perhaps the best outlet for her rebuttal is the one that she’s best at: Her hilarious and insightful Instagram posts.