Chance The Rapper’s Surprise Tiny Desk Concert Turned The NPR Office Upside Down

Chance The Rapper is easily one of the most beloved figures in music at the moment. Coincidentally, one of the other most beloved events in the industry right now is NPR’s acclaimed, adorable Tiny Desk concert series, in which musicians of all stripes and sounds, and of all band member sizes, pack into the NPR office and play a little show for the public radio’s staff.

So today, Chance was the surprise musical guest putting on an intimate concert for the staff, from the looks of their social media posts, his presence had the entire office in a tizzy. Not that anyone can blame them — pretty sure if Chance showed up at my workplace I’d similarly abandon my post at all costs to see him perform. Plus, a surprise Chance The Rapper concert is an event no matter where it happens, c’mon, the guy headlines enormous music festivals all over the place. Seeing him next to your cubicle is a bit more than just a surprise — it’s almost a miracle.

That’s clearly how a lot of staffers felt:

Keep an eye out for the concert, where it sounds like Chance did three songs along with a poem. And hey, on the off chance that Chancelor Bennet does show up at your workplace one day, make sure to post about it on Twitter okay? The rest of us love to live vicariously.