Chris Tucker Knocks Us The F*ck Out With A ‘Last Friday’ Update

It’s time we come to terms with the fact that if the Friday sequel, Last Friday, is happening, Chris Tucker will likely not be reprising his role as the fan favorite Smokey. It’s time we get that through our thick skulls and make peace with it because it’s only through being honest with ourselves that we can begin the healing process.

The actor all but killed our dreams during a recent chat with Global Grind’s Xilla about putting on that iconic navy blue shirt, khakis and chucks one more time to indulge our love for all things ’90s. Rather than telling us, “No, goddammit! I’m 45 f*cking years old! Get over this sh*t!,” Tucker gave a much classier response to whether he’s down for Last Friday.

“That was a moment in time,” the aging actor explained after revealing he recently watched the 21-year-old film. “I was a young kid. I was laughing through the whole thing. I was proud of that, making myself laugh. I don’t know if I could do another one because I was so young and it was a moment in time. But we’ll see.”

“We’ll see” nothing. On paper, it sounds like a good idea, but it’s really not. As Tucker pointed out, he was much younger than he is now when he did Friday. Last Friday would look ridiculous with a 45-year-old Tucker playing the same hilarious, weed-loving sidekick we all remember from ’95. Perhaps, Smokey can come back as a different character. Maybe as a father of a young knucklehead or something. But coming back as ’95 Smokey would be pretty stupid.

Earlier this year, Ice Cube refuted claims that he was re-making the stoner classic featuring his doppleganger son O’Shea Jackson, Jr as the character Craig and Instagram star DC Young Fly as Smokey. But Cube is down for another Friday, telling Conan O’Brien last month, “I would love to make another Friday movie, but it’s kind of caught up in a lot of red tape.”

Since its initial release, the movie’s original studio, New Line Cinema has merged with Time Warner, and Ice Cube doesn’t feel Time Warner gets the classic. “I don’t think Time Warner understands the value of Friday. I think they’re kind of corporate and not hearing that the people want another Friday.” Yeah, if done right!