City Girls’ Rambunctious ‘Act Up’ Video Finds Lil Yachty Giving Out Rhyme Lessons And Fans Twerking In The Street

Fans may have had all the jokes for Lil Yachty after he admitted to writing songs on City Girls’ sophomore album, Girl Code, but he may get the last laugh with his cameo appearance in the Girls’ new video for “Act Up.” Coaching Yung Miami through her verse in a mid-video intermission, Yachty shows he’s just as unashamed of penning the ratchet anthem as City Girls’ fans are participating in the Act Up Challenge that swept social media and provided plenty of B-roll for the video’s missing JT scenes.

The Act Up Challenge, whose popularity exploded so much that fans could even be seen twerking along to the Girl Code standout at church, has been just one of the factors driving City Girls’ run while JT awaits the end of her prison sentence for identity fraud. Although JT was denied early release for good behavior, the insane amount of work the Girls did before she started her sentence ensured there’s enough content to keep their name buzzing for the duration. The duo shot videos for a number of their Girl Code tracks and even though Yung Miami had to fly solo on “Act Up” and “Twerk,” her Quality Control labelmate Yachty and Cardi B were able to provide enough star power to keep City Girls shining.