Drake May Have Figured Out How To Break The Dreaded Drake Sports Curse

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Drake loves sports. Everyone knows he’s a huge Toronto Raptors fan. But the rest of his sporting interest seems to waiver based on, well, how good teams are at any current moment. Drake has supported any number of teams over the years, and it’s become a meme of sorts online if you happen to intersect at both hip hop and sports Twitter.

And lately, when fans of his team of the moment hear Drake is on board, some start to panic. That’s because a lot of the teams Drake roots for tends to fall apart in the title game. This has caused fans to start a theory that Drake “curses” the teams he supports.

The Drake Curse has gained a lot of ground in recent months. The latest example of said “curse” was during the college football championship game in early January. Alabama was considered the favorite to beat the Clemson Tigers after an undefeated season. Drake tweeted a video of him sporting a crimson Alabama sweatshirt and giving the team a pep talk.

But Alabama got crushed by the Tigers, 44-16. It was a triumph for Clemson, and also for those who believe the Drake curse is real. The proof s ent fans into a frenzy of Drake curse conspiracies.

With another set of championship games coming up and the Super Bowl early next month, Drake played into the fan conspiracy of a “curse” on Instagram on Saturday. The beloved champagnepapi posted a photo to his Instagram story of himself in a sweatshirt that features logos of the four teams that will be playing in NFL conference championship games — the Patriots, Chiefs, Rams, and Saints.

The caption read; “For everyone who believes in the Drake curse good luck tmrw.”


By cursing everyone, Drake, in effect, is cursing no one. It’s a brilliant way to put the curse to a rest and to make it clear that he’s not picking any sides on Sunday. But it will do little to stop those who believe from getting excited the next time Drake takes a side in a sporting event.