El-P Loves A Queens Of The Stone Age Mash-Up Album A Fan Made Using His Beats

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Dream collaborations are fun to think about, and while they often don’t happen, fans get create a pretty solid approximation of these unlikely pairings with mash-ups. A DJ and producer named ToToM decided he wanted to see what it would sound like if Queens Of The Stone Age leader Josh Homme sang over instrumentals produced by Run The Jewels’ El-P, so now we have his new mash-up album, El Q, which is so neat that El-P himself is a fan.

“Someone did a mash up album of [Queens Of The Stone Age] vocals over various music I’ve made and it’s kind of awesome,” He tweeted today about the album, which was released on March 15th. “Thanks for this weird gift, [ToToM].”

While it would be convenient to call this a Run The Jewels and Queens Of The Stone Age mash-up album, that’s not exactly what it is. As ToToM notes on the album’s Bandcamp page, those two acts are definitely featured on the collection, but it also draws from Them Crooked Vultures, UNKLE, Killer Mike’s El-P-produced work, and El-P’s solo material:

“It’s been a long time this album has been cooking, probably two years since the first mashup was produced, until recently where I put my hands on new Queens of the Stone Age vocals. If the title isn’t evocative enough, this is a mashup album where you’ll be able to hear Josh Homme (mainly from Queens Of The Stone Age but also from collaborative projects like Them Crooked Vultures and UNKLE) singing over tracks produced by El-P (including Run The Jewels, Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music, and of course his own solo work).”

Listen to the album below, and download it for free here. Also, if ToToM’s name happens to ring a bell, it’s probably because in 2015, he released Kanye Of The Stone Age, a Kanye West and Queens Of The Stone Age mash-up album that received some attention.

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