Future Ships A Few Birds — Literally — In The Video For His Latest ‘The Wizrd’ Single, ‘Rocket Ship’

Future’s new album The Wizrd arrived over the weekend. Propelled by an accompanying feature-length documentary and, of course, the ardent support of “Future Hive,” the album is poised to be another hit for the trap crooner.

On Monday, Future decided to keep the Wizrd train rolling and released a music video for the song “Rocket Ship.” The two-minute cut is the third track on the album and perhaps one of the more straightforward songs on the record. It’s a bare-bones tune about two activities Future seems to know pretty well: Doing drugs and selling drugs. “Cookin’ coke up, water whip that shit, yeah / Pull the boat up, we want all the bricks, yeah,” the Atlanta-native raps. “I took four, I feel like a rocket ship, yeah.”

The video itself is also fairly bare-bones. It consists mainly of three shots. In one, Future — clad in a striped red turtle neck and a black puffer jacket — rocks out in front of a brick wall. In another, Future — now depicted in black and white — wears a white, leather jacket and raps menacingly at the camera. In the third, Future stalks back and forth inside a shipping container. He’s joined by two men on dirtbikes whose faces are partially obscured by masks. Throughout the video, there are interstitial shots of two turkeys drenched in red lighting. They are the proverbial “birds” that he’s shipping off.

With The Wizrd now out, it’s up to us to judge how much progress Future is making on his path to evolution. For now, you can check the video out above!