Gucci Mane Is Now Only One Degree Of Separation From Beyonce

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09.27.16 3 Comments

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The GODS !!

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It’s hard to think of anyone who has had a steadier upward climb in 2016 than Gucci Mane. Most of us have admittedly been having a rather shitty year, between the raging ups and downs of the election, the seemingly endless onslaught of stories about police brutality with no justice, and exposes about decade-long abuses of power that encompass sexual harassment and assault.

It’s been a tough one. And it’s been a tough one for Gucci too — he spent most of it in jail. But, this spring the clouds broke a bit for the legendary Brick Squad rapper. He was released from prison to house arrest in May, immediately began dropping new music, and was so fit and healthy that there was even speculation about whether he was a Gucci clone or the real Guwop.

Well, he’s real deal and definitely a changed man. Aside from stunting in Alexander McQueen, Gucci has also upped his celebrity status lately, too. You can see him, up above, posing with none other than Brooklyn royalty rapper-turned-mogul Jay Z. “The GODS !!” he captioned the pic.

That’s all well and good, but remember another key fact about Jay? Probably the best thing about him lately? He’s Beyonce’s husband! That means that Gucci Mane is currently one degree of separation from King B herself. If I wasn’t so mad at Birdman right now about his legal shadiness toward Lil Wayne I’d employ the *Birdman Handrub* to indicate how excited I am thinking about an eventual Gucci/Beyonce Instagram pic.

There’s still plenty of Lemonade songs that are ripe for remixing, and we already know Gucci has plenty of experience turning lemons into sweet dividends. Odds are, she already has something up her sleeve.

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