Khalid Hops In A Van And Has Some Adventures In His ‘Free Spirit’ Video

Khalid set the bar high with his 2017 debut album American Teen, and now, he’s followed up that record with Free Spirit, his sophomore effort that is filled with warm R&B songs. The album came out last week, and now Khalid has shared a wanderlust-satisfying video for the title track. In the clip, Khalid and his cohorts get in a custom-painted van and hit the road to do all sorts of road trip things: smoke, skateboard, and so on.

Khalid previously said that despite the Free Spirit title, his new album is actually dark, telling Zane Lowe, “For me, although it’s called Free Spirit, it’s definitely so dark. It’s dark, but it’s not too dark, where’s like, ‘Ugh, I’m dragging, I’m so sad.’ It’s more just like, ‘I’m in pain, you’re in pain, we’re in pain. This is a coming of age. We are finding ourselves.’ The roughest years of your life are around this time, from 18 to 21. […] People still go through it. People still go through troubles of finding themselves. Luckily, I get to find myself through these records.”

Watch the “Free Spirit” video above, and read our review of Free Spirit here. Khalid also recently announced a North American tour, so find his upcoming dates here.

Free Spirit is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.