Kim Kardashian As A Jackie O-Era First Lady Is A Sight To Behold

Kim Kardashian West channeled Jackie Onassis, the first pop culture First Lady of the US, on the cover of Interview magazine along with her daughter North, and the results were favor more favorable than the last time the Kardashian family was compared to the First Family in Cosmopolitan.

In the interview with Janet Mock, which you can read here, Kardashian West talks about not only what it’s like to raise a Black mixed child in the current world, but also the gunpoint robbery that shook up the Kardashian family and effectively ended Kanye’s Life Of Pablo tour early. She revealed that she goes to her husband for advice about her brand, life, or image, but prefers to seek second opinions about other dramas elsewhere.

She also addressed her family’s strategy for dealing with the controversy that follows them like an angry whirlwind, such as the online furor over her comments about Jeffree Star a little over a week ago.

KARDASHIAN WEST: It’s usually me starting a group chat. I’m really aware of what’s going on. If there’s something being said about one of my sisters, I’ll be the first to jump in a group. We have family chats that happen all day, every day. A lot of us are traveling, so one of us will inevitably wake up at four in the morning to 30 messages. I’ll be the first to jump in and say, “Guys, I’m seeing this. This is not cool. Tell me what’s going on.” I’m usually the ringleader for stuff like that, and I’ll say, “You’re wrong. You need to apologize.” Or, “This needs to be fixed. Everyone just lay low, chill out, don’t say anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s all lies. I know it’s frustrating. I know you want to speak up.” We always have to remind ourselves of stuff like that. We don’t do everything perfectly, but there really are so many lies, so many rumors.

Interview also spoke with the other members of the infamous Kardashian crew, including North West, interviewed by her friends and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. Check out more pics from the shoot below.