Kodak Black Reveals The Origin Of His One-Sided Beef With Lil Wayne

Kodak Black was a recent guest on The Breakfast Club where he attempted to clear up some of the drama that’s surrounded him in recent weeks, namely his one-sided beef with Lil Wayne.

In recent weeks, the young Florida native has shared videos on social media where he first inexplicably blurted out that Wayne could “eat his ass” and later followed up by saying he wanted to fight Weezy for the “greatest rapper alive” title, because fighting is how he assumes you gain a title as best rapper. I guess.

The show’s hosts attempted to get an answer from Kodak at the interview’s outset but he said he wasn’t interested in discussing it. However, he later comes back to the topic, admitting he was pissed the “Lollipop” rapper claimed he didn’t know who Kodak was. “N**** you know who I am,” he says. “Nicki Minaj know who I am. He just didn’t want to say ‘Yeah, I know bruh’ because he know I’m pressure.”

In one strange interview in which he donned a ski mask and mumbled his way through answers, the young Florida rapper did address calling out D.R.A.M. for using the term “broccoli,” Wale being the only rapper to reach out to him while he was locked up and more. They even touched on his sexual assault case in South Carolina. “Yeah, it kind of thrower me but I take the bitter with the sweet,” he admits. “I don’t even like the name of that charge but I gotta take the bitter with the sweet because I want to enjoy the fruits of the game.”

Watch the interview above.