Lil Xan Is ‘MIA’ In The Woods Trying To Get Clean In The Wake Of Mac Miller’s Accidental Overdose

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The fallout from Mac Miller’s death is still permeating the world of hip-hop. Yesterday it was revealed that the 26-year-old rapper accidentally overdosed on a combination of Fentanyl and alcohol, which brought even more attention to both the opioid crisis and Fentanyl abuse.

It’s likely that everyone who participated in his Halloween tribute concert is distressed at the revelation, but few have seemed to take it as hard as Lil Xan, who counted Mac Miller as a friend in the industry. Xan has revealed his plans to release a Mac Miller tribute project, from which the “Worst Day Ever” song was released. He’s even canceled tour dates to put the album together and also get clean. He told TMZ that Mac and Lil Peep’s untimely death from overdoses “changed my everything” and influenced him to get sober.

Though his breakout song “Betrayed” was about abstaining from Xanax, and “there was a long period where I was clean,” as he told TMZ via FaceTime, he has relapsed. He told the gossip outlet that “I’m secluded. I’m in a forest right now and I’m just detaching myself from the world. I’m MIA right now. Even my best friends don’t know where the f*ck I’m at.”

And while Mac’s tragic passing may have been the impetus for him to reflect on his own drug usage, he clarified that “Change can only happen when a person wants to be clean for themselves. It has to come from within.” He added that, “I’ve gone through periods of like, six months clean. And now it’s because of me. It’s because I want to be clean.” Best of luck to him.

You can watch their full interview here.