Lizzo Freaked Out When She Learned Her Lyrics Made It Into A Marvel Comic

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We’re approaching peak Lizzo. It’s a rare day to open up the timeline and not see a clip of the Minnesota singer performing on a late night show, or twerking while playing the flute, or just being Lizzo. There’s no question that the 30-year-old has been on a roll of late. The colorful video for her latest single “Juice” has amassed 4.8 million views on YouTube already, and her upcoming third album Cuz I Love You is one of the more hotly anticipated rap releases of the year. As if this all wasn’t enough, it appears she is now also being featured in Marvel comics.

On Tuesday night, a fan reached out to Lizzo on Twitter to ask her a question. “@lizzo did you see your Marvel Comics debut in Unstoppable Wasp #4?” they asked. Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of a few panels from the Marvel comic about Nadia Van Dyne, a crimefighting superhero who can shrink herself to the size of an insect. In the screenshot, van Dyne is preparing to focus on an apparently crucial task. However, right as she shrinks down and prepares to work, she receives a call and we hear her ringtone, “I do my hair toss / check my nails.” Those are, of course, the lyrics to Lizzo’s dolled-up anthem, “Good As Hell.”

Upon discovering that her song had received a shot out in the Marvel comic, Lizzo replied in very Lizzo fashion — “WAIT BITCH WHET?! ?”