Logic Announced That His New Album ‘Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind’ Is Coming Out This Week


Yesterday, Logic took to Twitter to complain about the process of clearing samples for use in songs, writing, “Just want to take a moment and say, F*ck sample clearence. F*ck clearing samples. F*ck people taking all a producers money for not doing sh*t and f*ck the companies that say no just cuz.” Now it looks like that issue was on his brain because of the imminent release of his new album: Logic previously said that Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind is coming soon, but now he’s given it a firm release date of Friday, May 10.

He also shared the artwork for the record, a drawing of himself with a red skull emerging from the side of his head. There are some easter eggs here as well, like the modified Adidas logo on his jacket that’s been changed to read “Anxiety.”


This is just the next step of a busy 2019 for Logic, as he’s had a lot going on so far this year. He just dropped his collaborative single with Eminem (and Chris D’Elia), “Homicide,” and before that, he released his debut book, which made him the first rapper to ever have a New York Times best-selling novel. Supermarket was also accompanied by a soundtrack album of the same name.