Meek Mill Teases A Possible Feature From His Former Rival Drake In A New Freestyle

The saga of “Meek Mill vs. Drake” may be coming to the best conclusion possible sometime in the near future, according to speculation sparked by one of Meek’s most recent social posts. In a video posted to his Instagram story (and later reposted on Drake fan page @wordonrd, above), Meek listens to a verse he seemingly has just recorded in the studio that references a potential link-up or collaboration between the two former rivals.

“Is we beefin’ or rappin’? I just might pop up with Drizzy,” Meek raps over The Notorious BIG’s Life After Death track “What’s Beef?” In that track, BIG pointed out the differences between “rap beef” and “real beef,” intimating that the trading of lyrical barbs barely meets the criteria of real, street-level disagreements, which often in the exchange of gunshots, not clever punchlines.

It’s a sentiment that may resonate with Meek Mill, who’s spent the better part of the last decade in and out of prison while fighting a conviction that has kept him tangled in the legal system since he was 19 years old. Although Drake and Meek exchanged verbal daggers after Meek’s internet blowup at Drake, it seems that in the grand scheme of things both have different priorities than continuing a lyrical measuring contest.

Of course, a reconciliation between the two could also suggest that they could get back to making hits like “Amen,” which would not only be beneficial for the two rappers, but their fans as well.