Michigan Went With A Startling Goal Line Formation To Close Out A Quarter Against Wisconsin

With the clock ticking down in the first quarter of Saturday’s Michigan/Wisconsin matchup, Jim Harbaugh got extremely on brand with his formations.

Deep inside the red zone and facing a 2nd and 2, No. 4 Michigan pulled out a 10-man Power I formation in an attempt to cross up No. 8 Wisconsin. That’s right, everyone but junior quarterback Wilton Speight lined up behind the center.

Not sure what this is called on the call sheet. Human Centipede? The Power I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I? Either way, it’s good to see Michigan carrying on Jim Harbaugh’s tradition of some wacky pre-snap fun in a big Top 10 matchup. Eventually they scattered and it became a Normal Football play: a five-yard Power I run by De’Veon Smith for a first down as the first quarter expired. Khalid Smith ran it in for the touchdown on the first play of the second quarter to put the Wolverines up in the matchup of two 4-0 teams. Ho hum. Normal football things.

It’s been quite an exciting season for Harbaugh already, what with all the booger-eating and luring recruits to Michigan by attending high school classes and organizing sleepovers. It’s good to see he’s having as much fun on the field at the Big House as he is off it.

Doesn’t he look like he’s having fun?