Jim Harbaugh Says He Has Never Eaten A Booger Even Though He Ate A Booger On Saturday

On Saturday, Michigan ran UCF off the field. At one point during the game, Jim Harbaugh appeared to stick his finger into his nose, grab a booger, and eat it. A cameraperson for ESPN caught all of this, and it sure as heck looked like Harbaugh struck gold.

This seems pretty conclusive, no? Harbaugh’s thumb goes from up his nose to his teeth, and it looks like he started gnawing on something on the end of his thumb. This is standard operating procedure for a booger eater who doesn’t want to get caught.

However, Harbaugh is adamant that he is not a booger eater. During a radio appearance on Monday, Harbaugh made it a point to let everyone know that he has never eaten anything that he pulled out of his nose.

So Harbaugh is lying, and we all know this because we saw him eat a booger on Saturday. It’s on video and everything, so it’s hard for him to deny anything. But listen, we don’t know anything about Harbaugh outside of the fact that he knows all the words to the national anthem and that he doesn’t like that Colin Kaepernick sat down during it. So if homie says he’s never eaten a booger before, we kind of have to take him at his word. As for the video, I guess Harbaugh scratched his nose then picked his teeth. I don’t know. He’s probably lying. Whatever.