Migos Performed A Nickelodeon-Friendly Medley Of Their Hits At The Kids’ Choice Awards

Earlier this month, it was announced that Migos would be performing at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony this year. Naturally, that news raised some eyebrows, because Migos’ often-profane songs aren’t exactly the kind of music expectant mothers play for their forthcoming bundles of joy in the womb. For example, Quavo raps in “Walk It Talk It,” “She just bought a new *ss but got the same boobs,” while “Stir Fry” features lyrics about “a big ol’ onion booty,” and in the Mustard-produced single “Pure Water,” Offset claims he “can’t trust a thot” because “they tellin’ secrets.”

Regardless, the Kids’ Choice Awards were this weekend, and Migos managed to combine those three songs into a medley that was suitable for Nickelodeon’s airwaves. The performance went pretty well, actually: Migos were energetic, the young crowd was into it, and to top it all off, Migos’ performance transitioned into the cast of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical performing “Best Day Ever” and the SpongeBob theme song.

In a red carpet interview before the show, Quavo explained the significance of their performance, saying they appreciate their younger fans: “We finna surprise these kids with a wonderful performance. We love the kids, we gotta support the kids ’cause they support us. It’s all about the kids”

Watch Migos’ Kids’ Choice Awards performance above.